Logger Management

Changing the Log Level for applications at runtime

Admin4J allows you to change logger reporting levels at runtime. The advantages are the following:

Putting a logger in DEBUG no longer requires a container recycle.

Many shops put bureacracy in front of container configuration changes in production. This administrative servlet can be safely made available to support developers in all environments.

Supported Loggers

Supported loggers are the following:

Logback (release 1.0.4-rc2 and later)
Native JDK logging

Screen Shots

Admin4J Log Management Screen shot

Installing Log Level administration tool

If you followed the installation procedure detailed in the Getting Started section, there is no need to install the Log Level Administration tool separately. Only follow this procedure if you're not using the Admin4J Home Page Servlet.

Add the following servlet and servlet mapping to your applications web.xml:

		<servlet-name>LogLevel Servlet</servlet-name>
		<servlet-name>LogLevel Servlet</servlet-name>